Rooms available for the following:

Therapy treatment
Monthly courses
Weekend workshops

Flexible contracts
Good rates
Secretarial services available
Storage areas
Kitchen + fridge + microwave

Rental fees

Ground floor

Rooms B, D, F = £8.50 per hour
*Room A = £9.50 per hour
* Room E = £9.00 per hour
Room C = £13.50 per hour
*Room C Day hire = £94.00 per day, room A Day hire = £68 per day

* £15.00 non-refundable deposit on confirmation of weekend day hire

First floor

Rooms 1 & 2 = £12.00 per hour
Room 3 = £9.50 per hour

Fixed yearly and monthly rates negotiable

Tea and coffee provision available for meetings 

For Bookings, Fees & Rooms available for rent: Phone 0118 939 1833

The first floor is also the home of
The English Language Centre,
an English language school assessed as "excellent"
at the most recent official inspections.